Don’t Recreate A Perfectly Good Wheel

I have never been a fan of recreating a perfectly good wheel – a policy that carries over to The Tunnel Rats Blog. Our Blog has purpose. Ultimately our goal is to raise awareness of, and honor those in the Armed Forces who have served, or are serving our country. As our name Tunnel Rats Music suggests, our roots are in the Vietnam War.  Understandably our content shares that focus.

One of our favorite Vietnam War blogs has a strange name, Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel, by John Podlaski who served as an infantryman in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971. John started the blog in 2010 to introduce his first book, “Cherries”, but now it has grown into “a collection of articles, pictures, and videos relating to not only The Vietnam War, but also in presenting interesting facts or articles relating to previous or current wars.”

What makes this website stand out? John says it best on his “What this blog is about” post:

Some readers have also expressed their gratitude to me for maintaining this website as many of the articles are enhancing their education about the Vietnam War. I’ve also heard from family members of Vietnam Vets, thanking me for putting into words what their Vet is unable to tell.

Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel is an exemplar of a perfectly good wheel.

Much of the content served up by “Cherries” is worth curating. Case in point, a July 30, 2017 blog post:

Combat medic to receive Medal of Honor for intrepid actions in Vietnam

I don’t remember now how I became aware of this post – but it made enough of an impact that I made note to pass this on. If you find it valuable, please feel free to share.

-Robin Daniel