Tunnel Rats Music began as a unique collaboration of three individuals from different decades whose paths crossed at a Bluegrass Jam, changing their journey forever. Building on the first CD of Vietnam Ballads, Vietnam: The Journey, that Sid Orr released in 2013, our common love for music and desire to help others provided the energy and diverse input resulting in the CD,  Vietnam: The Journey Continues, which we released in 2016…


To all our brothers and sisters who served “in country”… We dedicate these songs. To the family and friends who can never quite reach us, we hope these songs help you understand. Our duty was difficult and costly but we served. We simply say “Welcome Home” to each other now, remembering that no one else cared to say it. We mostly came home as individuals and went on with our lives… some meaningful, and some tragic… but the bond between us now is unspeakable, undeniable, and unbreakable!

Welcome home Warriors! There is hope, you are not alone!

God Bless You!

-The Tunnel Rats